Summer is upon us (some of the time anyway!)  Now is the time to pamper those feet a little.

So get your feet out, paint your toenails or try out some of these exercises to keep your feet in good shape.

Suggested equipment:

Thick heavy book or yoga block

Chair with straight back or level seat

Tennis ball or spiky ball

Full length mirror


Start standing and find your centre of gravity with feet pelvis apart and equal weight on each foot. All exercises to be carried out on both feet.

Look down at your feet and spread your toes (you can also do this passively by pushing your fingers between the toes and holding the stretch for up to a minute.

Lift your big toes individually keeping the other toes on the ground.

Bottom of the foot stretch – Use the spiky ball or tennis ball and work the entire sole of the foot applying pressure as needed. Use caution if the sole of the foot is tender or inflamed.

Top of the foot stretch:

 Standing: Place your right foot behind you, tucking the toes under. Bring your chest and hips back so they stack over your non-stretching foot.  To make the foot stretch less, shorten the distance you’ve reached the leg back. Repeat with the left foot.

Seated: Sit near the edge of the chair.  Place your right foot back to tuck under the toes. Keep your heel centred, don’t let your ankles flop to the side. Don’t force the top of your foot to the floor, allow your foot to lower as your muscles lengthen. Repeat with the left foot


Grab your foot and twist and wiggle the forefoot, Then, hold the forefoot and try to move, twist, and wiggle your heel.

Standing:  Roll onto the outsides of your foot, then onto the insides. Try to dome the foot by suctioning your arch – don’t scrunch up your toes!